A fabulous collection of classic ZORRO artwork is available for licensing including the talent clearance of a number of actors who have starred in Zorro movies such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antônio Banderas.

There are currently two Zorro entertainment projects in production and seven in development.

Projects in production:

The first season of the Spanish language ZORRO series produced by Secuoya Studios will premiere on Amazon on January 19th 2024. The series is being distributed worldwide through Mediawan.

A French language production has been greenlit for eight episodes. It is starring famed French superstar Jean Dujardins (“The Artist”) who is also co-writing the scripts. The project began filming in November 2023 and is due for release around Christmas 2024 on Paramount+.

Projects in development:

A new Zorro TV series with Disney Branded Television. The series, which will be an updated retelling of the original Disney Zorro series, will star actor Wilmer Valderrama, and written by ‘Game of Thrones’ Emmy award winning writer Bryan Cogman executive produced by Gary Marsh, Wilmer Valderama, and John Gertz for Zorro Productions.

A new Zorro TV drama written by siblings Robert and Rebecca Rodriquez is in development at the U.S. network, CBS. The series will bring to the screen, a hip modern-day female Zorro seeking vengeance after her father’s murder.

SONY has four separate ZORRO film projects and one animated ZORRO TV project in active development: Which includes ‘’Django/Zorro’’.

Sony Pictures is developing a graphic novel written by Quentin Tarantino, “Django/Zorro.” As the name implies, it is a mash up between his character, Django, and our character, ZORRO. Tarantino and John Gertz are executive producers. This is the first time Tarantino is producing, but not directing, a film.

The story of how Zorro became Zorro is also being developed by SONY Pictures and written by Richard Wenk (Equalizer).

SONY is also developing ZORRO as a hybrid live action/animated feature. It combines a live action Zorro with an animated fox as Zorro’s protégé. This is a new project, under Executive Producer, Doug Belgrad (former President of Production for SONY) and written by Dan Birnbaum (Elf). It is very clever and already well along in development.

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