The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

What’s his name…?   Dave Spud  …of course!

Welcome to The Rubbish World of Dave Spud, an animated series from London based The Illuminated Film Company.

With a multi-award-winning team of writers, producers, directors, music producers and cast, including Edward Foster, Iain Harvey, Dave Ingham, Hannah George, Johnny Vegas, Philip Glenister, Jane Horrocks, Lisa Hammond and Gina Yashere to name but a few, it is hardly surprising that the series has been nominated for multiple Broadcast Awards and British Animation Awards, and is the recent winner of the 2024 Best Children’s Series at the British Animation Awards.

Who is Dave Spud? Dave, is just an ordinary kid, an average boy and, an unwitting creator of chaos!! Dave, our magnet for disaster, is a fighter against the odds and our unlikely hero. He knows that no matter how rubbish things get, there is always room for them to get worse. But bring it on! For Dave and his Spud family are united – together they WILL prevail and do so with GUSTO! Side note: And be back in time for tea.

Dave Spud currently sits at no.14 on the ITVX School-aged Children’s Titles.

Season 1 first aired September 2019, season 2 2020 and season 3 launched September 2023 now with 104  x 15 min episodes in total. Series 3 continues to be released on ITVX throughout the year with more episodes coming in Easter and then again in September just in time for ‘back to school’!

Join Dave Spud on his madcap misadventures. Watch him embark on extraordinary expeditions along with Gareth the Starfish and one-eyed flea-ridden Fuzzypeg the dog! Stream here.

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The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

Dave Spud