The Day Henry Met…


Wiggleywoos hit series, ‘The Day Henry Met’  is distributed internationally by Monster Entertainment.

The show airs on a multitude of platforms in 192 countries across the globe, including Nick Jnr and ITV.

There are several licensing deals in place for The Day Henry Met including books and merchandise.


Henry is an inquisitive polite little boy who loves asking questions almost as much as he loves an adventure. Henry is the only human character seen in the show, all the other characters are made up of the things Henry meets. Wellies that can’t agree, a Moon that loves cheese or a nervous Fire Engine on his first day.


Like the concept, the style is very simple and straight forward. It’s based on simple children’s drawings, finished in water colours. The illustrations are purposefully crude to add charm and character and the colour palette is colorful and bold to mimic a child’s painting.


‘The Day Henry met…’ teaches manners and conversation. Henry always asks ‘How are you today?’ and ‘It was really nice talking to you’, and most importantly he never forgets to say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. We’ll also learn all about the different things Henry meets each day. Why fish have gills, why cars have engines and why does snow melt in the sun?

Every day Henry meets something new – The day Henry met a compass, The day Henry met a cookbook! The day Henry met a Surfboard!

How exciting, I wonder what Henry’s going to meet today?