The Royal Armouries is the National Museum of Arms and Armour and has been producing “Official Kit” since 1415. The world class collection of arms and armour is housed at its three sites across the UK, The Tower of London (which receives 2.5 million visitors a year), the National Museum of Arms & Armour in Leeds & Fort Nelson in Portsmouth.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, the Royal Armouries’ celebrated core Collection originated in England’s working arsenal, which was assembled over many centuries at the Tower of London. The museum collection is home to more than 75,000 items, having had objects on display for visitors since the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st in the 16th Century.

The Collection includes the actual suits of armour and weapons used by the Kings of England, from Henry VIII to James II.

All Royal Armouries licensed merchandise carries a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Master Of The Armouries, attesting to its authenticity and provenance.

Recent signings include Silver Screen Bottling LLC for alcoholic drinks including beer, rum and whisky for the USA, UK and European markets and a worldwide deal with Albion Swords for the recently launched 1.33 Sword (based on one of the Armouries most prized treasures – The MS I.33 Manuscript, a fully illustrated German fencing manual dating back to the 1320s.)   The sword has been forged specifically for the Historical European Martial Arts community (HEMA) for practising and sparring and The Royal Armouries’ Curator of armour and edged weapons has consulted with Albion’s expert sword makers throughout, ensuring every detail is correct.

Other licenses include:

  • The Knight Shop for a range of fine quality replicas including Henry VIII’s Tournament Helmet and Hunting Dagger.  At each stage of the process, from the initial selection to the last details of the prototypes, the Museum’s experts on armour and edged weapons have been personally involved.
  • Nemesis Now for 1:9 scale collector’s edition replica models (sculpted from studies of the original armour and all authenticated by Royal Armouries curatorial staff).
  • Small Machines for wooden, laser cut model kits including a Trebuchet, Onager and Ballista.