Mayflower 400 1620-2020




Mayflower 400

400th Anniversary 2020

2020 marked the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage, one of the most influential journeys in global history and a defining moment in the shared history of Britain, the US and the Netherlands.

This is a unique opportunity to commemorate the legacy of the 102 passengers who undertook the journey in 1620, and to highlight their stories and heritage, which is embedded in the communities across the UK, US, the Netherlands and the Wampanoag Nation.

Mayflower 400 champions the values of freedom, humanity, imagination and the future that informed the original journey, and which is continue to be articulated in the special relationship between the UK and the US.

The commemoration will recognise the impact of the Mayflower’s journey on Native American communities and address themes of colonialism and migration, providing an accurate, inclusive account of the Mayflower’s legacy.

The international Mayflower Compact Partnership has been created to align 11 core UK partner locations across England, alongside the United States of America, the Native American community and the Netherlands.

There are over 30 million US descendants of the passengers and crew who sailed on the Mayflower; this project aims to reach out to these descendants and other ancestral tourists to invite them to visit England and be part of the anniversary year.


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