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Marcestel, Marc Antoine Squarciafichi, born in Paris on February 26, 1943, Marcestel, was a French artist based in Japan for over fifty years.

Mastering multiple painting and sculptural techniques, he was especially adept in colour and oil painting. His style, a subtle blend of pictorial substance, borrows the osmosis and fluidity of hues from Japanese sumi-e inks that he observed in the 1970s.

Marcestel’s inspiration derived from his own relationship with nature, but also from the historical and cultural links of the Japan-China-Korea triangle. Marcestel focused his creative output on mythology and origin of the world. In Japan, he illustrated the major events of the Kojiki, the collection of myths of origins which inspired some of the beliefs of Shintoism.

In 2007, he received the “Bunka Shoreisho” award, representing the highest honour from the Shinto order, and in 2014 he further received the “Bunka KankeishaMonbukagakuDaijinHyosho” national cultural Distinction award from the Japanese minister for culture.

November 2019 marks a peak of recognition of his works and a deep gratitude for his devotion to Japanese culture. 15 works were projected on the Imperial Palace Square, during the National Ceremony celebrating His Majesty the Emperor’s Enthronement.

Far from slowing down his output at over 80, Marcestel daily continued to expand his creative field, and until the last days, he was still painting.

Marcestel died during his last exhibition in Osaka on April 24, 2023. He leaves a considerable artistic heritage and an indelible imprint within the Shintoist and Japanese cultural universe.

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