A native of New York City, has been a painter for 37 years and has studios in Woodstock, NY, Negril, Jamaica, Vietnam, and Thailand.

An accomplished and recordedmusician, singer and composer, painting captured Justin’s vivid imagination. He has found himself with a strong successful career as a visual artist with his paintings having an ethereal musical quality.

When asked to describe his approach to painting, Love replies “It’s as if I am riding a bicycle down a hill, as fast as I am able, with the wind blowing through my hair, feeling ecstatically alive. Colours are streaming all around, and the collective consciousness of art is guiding my hand…I try not to get in the way.”

New Jersey native Justin Love had already begun to find success with his own romantic R&B tracks when his 2016 co-write, “Focus,” became a major hit for H.E.R. With his profile rising, he continued to hone his dreamy, sensual style on 2018’s When Love Returns and 2019 singles like “Runaway” and “Bad Mind.”

Growing up in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, Love taught himself to sing, write, and produce, taking influence in his teenage years from artists like Timbaland and Babyface.

By 2015, he’d developed the smooth, romantic R&B style that would earn him critical praise for his EP, Dreams of Love II.

His work with H.E.R. co-writing her single “Focus” led to a Grammy nomination in 2017 and significantly more visibility. He followed with a bevy of his own tracks including the 2018 singles “Love Again” and “Bed Springs,” the latter of which appeared on his nine-track EP When Love Returns, later that year. After relocating to Los Angeles, Love continued to fare well in 2019, particularly with the hit single “Runaway.”

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