Highclere Castle, the place most notably recognised as Downton Abbey, has been the home of the Earls and Countesses of Carnarvon since the late 17th century, and is still cherished by the present Lord and Lady Carnarvon as a family home.

With links to such things as the discovery of Tutankhamen’s Tomb, being converted into a hospital during WWI and housing evacuees in WWII, it certainly has an impressive past on which to draw inspiration for licensing opportunities.

Located in Berkshire UK, the estate boasts 5000 acres of grounds and is one of the most beautiful Victorian Castles in the world, set amidst spectacular parkland and is instantly recognisable as the location for the highest rated TV series on PBS in its history in the United States, ITV in the UK and other leading TV networks worldwide.

Throughout the centuries, Highclere has welcomed Royalty, Statesmen, Egyptologists and pioneers of technology along with men and women from the worlds of music and art.

This licensing initiative is being actively supported by Lord and Lady Carnarvon. Lady Carnarvon, who aside from being the current “chatelaine” of the house, is the bestselling author of multiple books; Lady Almina & the Real Downton Abbey, Lady Catherine & the Real Downton Abbey, At Home at Highclere, Christmas at Highclere, Seasons At Highclere and the newly released The Earl & The Pharoah  and is a true expert on the history of the house, its possessions and its inhabitants.

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