BRICKLIVE is an independent brand that creates unique interactive and educational experiences through physical play.

With a global audience BRICKLIVE is focused on creating a safe environment that encourages interactive play, fosters creativity, collaboration and physical experiences. Their interactive events which include BRICKLIVE Touring, BRICKLIVE Zoos and BRICKLIVE Kid’s Cafés are built around the ethos of the world’s most popular construction toy bricks.

With an astonishing number of events scheduled across the UK, Europe, USA, South Korea, China, Switzerland and Mexico to name but a few. Shows actively encourage all to learn, build and play and provide an inspirational central space where like-minded fans of all ages can build.

BRICKLIVE is a true celebration of the brick and is proud to position itself in the heart of the fan community, who are all potential customers for BRICKLIVE merchandise.

BRICKLIVE is not associated with, and independent of the LEGO group.

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