AXA began life as a newspaper comic strip in 1978, initially launched in the UK and later syndicated worldwide.

Created by Spanish artist Enric Badia Romero, who had previously illustrated the successful spy series Modesty Blaise, AXA gained a huge worldwide following.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the series emphasised science fiction, action and Romero’s talent for drawing, most especially the eponymous heroine herself whom he based on Brigitte Bardot. The comic series was revived in the 1990s by US publisher Eclipse. It was also adapted into a mobile video game in 2011 by AXA 2238 LLC.

The original comic strip was created in standard black and white newspaper format and ran a total of 2,238 daily strips, detailing eighteen separate adventures.

Featuring the gorgeous illustrations of Romero, these original comics would suit an archival edition style re-release. They were last collected for the English language/US market in 1981-1988 by Ken Pierce, and these editions are much sought after.

Now is the perfect time to bring AXA to a modern audience!

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