12 GUARDIANS – The Five Elements

The Five Elements is a high octane tale of fantasy, action and adventure following the adventures of Nico, a 16 year old street kid who is drawn into a mysterious group of heroes.

Set in a universe where sorcery meets technology, the Astraxi are a 4000 year old organisation dedicated to protecting the land of Astrellion from evil forces trying to take over the world using the power of the five elements.

Created and written by Robert Hartshorne and Stephen Salam, the creators have developed a very detailed universe with its own unique ancient mythology, creation story, characters and magical objects.

Other story lines already in development include a trilogy based on the creation story of the Astraxi and two other books which act as a prequel to The five Elements, set 1200 years ago.

Animated movie and TV scripts have already been written for the franchise.

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Client: 12 GUARDIANS