12 GUARDIANS – The Fire Dragon Trilogy

With the epic scale of LORD OF THE RINGS, and the magical wizardry of HARRY POTTER, 12 GUARDIANS – FIRE DRAGON is a fun, high-octane adventure story set in the 12 Guardians universe about kids with magical powers based on their signs of the Oriental Zodiac, as they battle a 5000-year old evil trying to take over the world.

12 GUARDIANS – FIRE DRAGON is a trilogy of heart-pounding adventures about Joey Wang, a 16 year old street kid who is unexpectedly drawn into a mysterious group of heroes, the 12 Guardians of Shanguo.

The story is set slightly in the future in a mythical realm known as Shanguo, a place where East meets West and old meets new.

The six young Guardians are a socially diverse group, with extraordinary powers, but are otherwise just ordinary young people with all the strengths and weaknesses of personality you might expect. They are a fellowship, but within the group tensions can either hold them together or drive them apart. Ultimately they will need their collective strength and commitment to the cause, and they must be there for each other when the going gets tough.