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Laurel & Hardy

100 Years of Laughter!

Since first launch in December 1927, the original Laurel & Hardy films have graced our screens for almost 100 years and are still available to watch today on Prime Video, Sky, Now TV and many other streaming and video-on-demand platforms including Roku, Pluto TV, and YouTube where they have clocked up millions of views. Laurel and Hardy’s combination of physical comedy, slapstick humour, imploring looks to camera, and general all-round, good-natured silliness has, and continues to entertain audiences of all ages.

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It is difficult to even begin to imagine them ever being apart, but before teaming up, both actors were successful in their own right with well-established film careers. Laurel had acted in over 50 films, and worked as a writer and director, while Hardy was in more than 250 productions.

Although first appearing together in 1921 in the comedy ‘Lucky Dog’, it would be another six years before they officially became a team in 1926, releasing their first Laurel and Hardy’s, silent short ‘Putting Pants on Philip’ in 1927.

Over the next 3 decades, the duo would go on to release 106 films, 34 silent shorts, 45 sound shorts and 27 full-length sound feature films. Furthermore, in 1966, Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation and Hanna-Barbera produced a dedicated series of 156 x 5-minute animated shorts which was distributed throughout the world. It is no wonder they are highly regarded as the most famous comedy duo in film history!

LMI are now set to build on the existing Laurel and Hardy licensing programme which boast a line-up of fantastic UK and global partners including, Big Chief Studios for figurines and collectibles, The Heart of London Alliance for a life size statue commissioned in honor of this best loved pair and Wandering Planet Toys who will be launching Laurel and Hardy figurines later this year.

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