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The Centenary of MG Cars 1923-2023

In 1923 Cecil Kimber, the Founder of MG Cars, designed, built, advertised, and sold his first MG sports cars. He called them the ‘MG Super Sports Morris’, with sporting coach work by Charles Raworth.

The first fully documented sale was to Oliver Arkell, of the Arkell Brewing dynasty, in August 1923. Under Kimber the company grew quickly to produce a plethora of sporting models, until he resigned from the Abingdon Company in November 1941.

Kimber was tragically killed in a train crash in 1945, he did not live to see his legacy of hundreds of thousands of Britain’s favourite sports cars produced. Car production ceased at Abingdon, the spiritual home of MG, in 1980, then continued at Longbridge until 2011, and continues to this day in China.

To celebrate the Centenary of MG cars, the MG Owners’ Club, the Early MG Society, the MG Octagon Car Club, the MG ‘T’ Society, and the MG Car Club have joined forces to organise an ‘MG Centenary’event on Saturday 27th May 2023. The celebration will be held at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon.

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