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LMI welcomes new partner Larry Harmon Pictures along with the iconic duo Laurel & Hardy ahead of BLE.

To this day, Laurel & Hardy are considered the most revered comedy duo of all time. Their unique, child-like ways are endeared by millions of families worldwide as they continue to hold tremendous brand recognition and value on a global scale.

L&H photo ©️ CCA distributed by Beta Film GmbH
Names and likenesses of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy licensed by Larry Harmon Pictures Corp

The extensive classic Laurel and Hardy TV and filmography consists of:
• 106 films.
• 34 silent shorts.
• 45 sound shorts.
• 27 full-length sound feature films.
• 156 x 5 minute animated shorts, produced by Larry Harmon Pictures and Hannah Barbera.

With a raft of licensed products such as, Comics(AMP), Ceramics and Collectibles (Big Chief Studios), Vehicles (Cosmic Group), Coins and Ingots
(MDM), Puzzles (Rachel Lowe), Pins (Rockin Pins), and even licensed lookalikes, this iconic brand is quite a “fine mess to get into!”

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