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International Space Archives News

This month NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter will make the first attempt at powered, controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet. The Ingenuity remains attached to the belly of the the Perseverance Rover which touched down on Mars in February.

Currently in transit to its ‘’air field’’ which is a 10m x10m carefully selected area from where it will be deployed, it then has 30 Martian days, or sols equal to 31 earth days to conduct its test flight

Two further phases of this mission are going to be completed by 2031, with the aim being to carefully collect the samples from the surface of Mars that Perseverance will have taken and deliver them to Earth.

International Space Archives (ISA) not only has access to the Mars mission patches but also a selection of photography captured throughout the mission so far.

Ingenuity isn’t the only one doing something new, we have some exciting new innovative partners too!

Asia Kingston (HK) Limited are in full swing with the design process to bring to market a range of gaming chairs, electric scooters, electric bicycles and related accessories across
EMEA, N & S America.

GT Company are about to deliver their range of electrical products throughout Europe including weather stations, digital clocks, fans and air purifiers as well as LED Lamps with integrated USB ports.

Hinterland Water Rokit is gearing up for Mission Launch with their new space edition scientific kits, learn whilst being entertained! Developed by scientists to demonstrate the Laws of Motion, the Water Rokit kit has everything you need to perform experiments over and over again.

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